Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One year of knowing

Today marks the one year anniversary of us getting the call that we'd have the privilege of parenting the twins! Words can't express the joy we had that day but had we known how precious they truly are, we would have exploded with glee. God's ways are so perfect. While I loved the girls one year ago, if I had known the intensity if it, I don't know how we would have waited five months to hold them in our arms. God has shown us grace beyond measure in bringing them into our lives. 
    Recently the girls' vocabulary has exploded. It's super fun to hear them mimic us. We're still working on saying "yes" & "no" and stringing words together. 
     Another big milestone is that we are now (mostly) potty trained!! We did the three day method and the girls responded so well. It helps that they hate being dirty and wet and that they'll do about anything for candy :). 
     Oh and I must mention that the girls stayed in the church nursery for the first time last Wednesday! I felt so free. They didn't bat an eye when I left and were only slightly frantic to get to me when I returned. :) Of course the next day they came down with a stomach bug :( but it was huge to know they are comfortable staying with someone besides our parents now. Babysitters are now an option ! Hooray!!
      My family came for a late Christmas celebration last week and we enjoyed it so much. They graciously made the trip on sat-wed to help me with the girls on Monday and Tuesday. I never realized how lonely parenting can be. It was true joy to have them with us for so long! The girls haven't stopped talking about Reese, Wannie, Poppy and Uncle Shayne. (Wish I had a picture on my phone of them)

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